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7 Cool Things about Mobile Android that’s been rooted in

Many Android phone users vying for her favorite gadget is the root . And , there was a possibility you are one of them . But then comes the big question , what are the advantages of a mobile phone that has been rooted ?

The answer to this question is certainly very much . You can customize the ROM , overclock the CPU , remove system apps that you find useful and others.

Of the many uses root on Android phones , here are 7 cool root function on Android phones . If you have an opinion , please do not hesitate to comment on the column below .

1 . Removing bloatware

Mostly, an Android phone comes equipped with an application that is even useless and not used by the user . The useless applications , commonly called bloatware .

For one thing , in the Android phones that have been rooted , you can remove or disable the application. To do this , one easy way you can do is use Gemini App Manager .

2 . Install Custom ROM

This makes the most fun Android phone root . Especially on the internet are found various kinds of custom ROMs which could result in much better performance than the stock ROM .

3 . overclock the CPU

An application called SetCPU can use to overclock the Android phone . With this application , you can easily adjust the CPU speed that you want.

4 . Record Video on Screen

Take a screenshot of the screen was used . But with cell phones that have been rooted , you can use an application called Screencast is able to take a screenshot of a video recording of your Android phone screen . Later , video recordings have MP4 format .

5 . Whatever backup

Armed with apps Titanium Backup , you can back up everything on your phone at once . From the data , the application has been installed , applications and other systems .

6 . Removing Ads

By using AdFree app , the screen on your phone will be free of the usual advertisements that appeared on the free application .

7 . warranty Missing

By rooting the Android phone , it could be your phone warranty does not apply . You can indeed do the unroot . However there are several mobile phone that is equipped with software that can detect the presence of rooting action . Furthermore , arbitrarily customize can also lead to brick phone .

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NiceHP - Informasi HP dan Gadget terbaru