Latest Mobile News Portal - Advances in technology in the world, especially in Indonesia seem more real, especially in the field of Information and Communication Technology. Speaking of information technology therein certainly nothing to do with the Internet. Flow Globalization makes Indonesia participated in it seems. With the presence of the Internet seems much everyone can connect as very close, of course this is a very good positive impact for us all along. Other tangible evidence is currently little boy was already introduced with super advanced technology, this course is very different from the situation before considering the advanced age like this has not emerged.

With the Internet, we can access things more easily and quickly. With the internet connection is connected, you can access news sites that would add your insights. Not only that, if you have a school project you can find the source of reference on the internet so that you can more easily do it.

And speaking of communication technology, at the time of the all powerful we can already see evidence of that fact can not be ignored anymore. The presence of gadgets such as Laptops, Tablets, and Mobile simplest namely a sign that the sophistication teknlogi is now growing rapidly.

With the electronic tools that would be very supportive of our work. Such as mobile phones, with this one communication tool that you can berikirim-send sms to the people closest to you like family and friends, or maybe you can talk directly to them without having to visit it directly to their residence.

Well, earlier we said that the technology is very closely related to humans. Therefore we also have to keep up with the times so not exactly clueless. Because the young children today have a lot more knowledgeable about technology than we do.

Here I want to give you the most effective and well suited to find information about the latest technology. Is addressed in sites, this site presents all the articles about the latest gadgets today, for example Handphone, Laptops and other gadgets. Not only presenting his information only, this site gives a description / review in detail ranging from specifications and price. Surely this will allow readers to find articles that are concrete and clear.

So, it means you do not need to be confused again looking for a site that gives a really clear article about technology. The reason, today more and more sites are circulating on Google and mengasung technology theme but does not explain in detail of course this will make the reader feel disappointed and langsun close the page. Well, Nice Mobile is the answer for you gadget lovers.

Then waiting for, get access right now and hopefully with the birth of this website will answer your needs. Thank you for reading our brief review may be useful for us all. Finally, we thank you.

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Samsung Mobile Price List

In this article we submit the latest samsung price available on the market today . To make you get the full info so we also include samsung images for all types that are in the list of tables .

Samsung as a manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones today is very innovative and has been able to compete with products from Europe , Japan and America . Despite Samsung’s current Android phones are the most popular on the market , but a phone with older operating systems or who use windows mobile is still very much in demand and sought after people .

Samsung price list available in the table below we sort by price from highest to the lowest . In addition we also include the price of the former . With this order we hope you all make it easier to search for the appropriate phone with the funds that you have prepared .

For more information please see for yourself the latest samsung mobile price list in the following table .

New Product : Samsung C3590 , Samsung Metro E2202 , Samsung E1282T , Samsung Ativ Odyssey I930 , Samsung Ativ S Neo , Samsung Ch @ t 333 GT - S3330

Pictures of HP Samsung Price New Price Used

Samsung Ativ S I8750 4.625 million 3,900,000

Samsung Star Deluxe Duos S5292 1,050,000 -

Samsung S5610 925 000 700 000

Samsung C3350 X Cover II 850,000 650,000

Samsung E2652 Champ Duos 700,000 550,000

Samsung S3570 Ch @ t 357 700,000 550,000

Samsung C3312 Deluxe Duos 670,000 500,000

Samsung C3520 600,000 400,000

Samsung W139 650,000 400,000

Samsung Champ Duos C3262 Neo 470,000 350,000

Samsung C3322 500,000 350,000

Samsung E2152 420,000 300,000

Samsung E1195 350,000 225,000

Samsung E1232B 320,000 200,000

Samsung E1390 300,000 200,000

Samsung E1182 250,000 150,000

Samsung GT - E1205M 200,000 125,000

Samsung C3330 Champ 2-500000

Samsung E2232 - 325,000

For more detailed specifications of all products samsung , then will we build in conjunction with the review of each product that is sold . Hopefully this article useful for you and provide good information for those seeking a Samsung mobile phone prices .

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7 Cool Things about Mobile Android that’s been rooted in

Many Android phone users vying for her favorite gadget is the root . And , there was a possibility you are one of them . But then comes the big question , what are the advantages of a mobile phone that has been rooted ?

The answer to this question is certainly very much . You can customize the ROM , overclock the CPU , remove system apps that you find useful and others.

Of the many uses root on Android phones , here are 7 cool root function on Android phones . If you have an opinion , please do not hesitate to comment on the column below .

1 . Removing bloatware

Mostly, an Android phone comes equipped with an application that is even useless and not used by the user . The useless applications , commonly called bloatware .

For one thing , in the Android phones that have been rooted , you can remove or disable the application. To do this , one easy way you can do is use Gemini App Manager .

2 . Install Custom ROM

This makes the most fun Android phone root . Especially on the internet are found various kinds of custom ROMs which could result in much better performance than the stock ROM .

3 . overclock the CPU

An application called SetCPU can use to overclock the Android phone . With this application , you can easily adjust the CPU speed that you want.

4 . Record Video on Screen

Take a screenshot of the screen was used . But with cell phones that have been rooted , you can use an application called Screencast is able to take a screenshot of a video recording of your Android phone screen . Later , video recordings have MP4 format .

5 . Whatever backup

Armed with apps Titanium Backup , you can back up everything on your phone at once . From the data , the application has been installed , applications and other systems .

6 . Removing Ads

By using AdFree app , the screen on your phone will be free of the usual advertisements that appeared on the free application .

7 . warranty Missing

By rooting the Android phone , it could be your phone warranty does not apply . You can indeed do the unroot . However there are several mobile phone that is equipped with software that can detect the presence of rooting action . Furthermore , arbitrarily customize can also lead to brick phone .

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